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Our extensive market knowledge means that we are ideally placed to advise you on the best options for your solution, from 4 and 5 wire resistive touch to capacitive touch (PCAP/PCT), for applications from medical to industrial.

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Densitron has gained valuable first-hand experience of touchscreen solutions with the varied applications our displays operate in, from medical to industrial. By consulting with you on each individual case, operating environment and backend system driving the touchscreen, we can offer the most suitable technology for your project. This could result in using a single or multi-touch capacitive solution (PCAP/PCT) or a 4W or 5W resistive touch, glass or PC based solution, along with Densitron Versapanel® cover lens, to meet your optical and environmental needs.

Consultative approach

Most suitable technology for your application

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We have the experience and in-house manufacturing service to assemble your required display, touchscreen and cover lens, and can use our proprietary Solisbond® service to optically bond these individual components. If sunlight readability or impact resistance is not a concern then consider our die cut adhesive gasket method of assembly.


We also support your software driver requirements to integrate the touch solution with your drive electronics, whether that is a single board computer, embedded board or custom solution. Our software engineers are on hand to supply and guide you through the spectrum of MS Windows and other embedded software platforms.

Display, touchscreen, cover lens & bonding

Software driver support

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We offer many options in terms of our Versapanel® cover lens materials and finishes, and will advise the best solution to meet your product requirements.



In glass technology we offer:


-          Soda Lime Glass


-          Chemically strengthened


-          Heat strengthened


-          Toughened (also known as Tempered glass)


-          Gorilla glass and similar solutions



In plastics technology we offer:


-          Acrylic (PMMA)


-          Polycarbonate (PC)


-          Optolite™ HSR (High Scratch Resistant)



In addition, a range of other enhancements are available for the cover lens such as anti-reflective, anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings. We can also silkscreen print to the back of the lens in your corporate colours for easy additions of company logo.


Huge variety of options

Additional enhancements

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