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Broadcast Solutions

We have spent over 40 years developing solutions that have been highly successful in broadcast, from test and monitoring, through to acquisition and post production.

Our broadcast products feature integrated displays that offer a range of features from exceptionally high resolution in small format sizes to rugged, robust, 4K ready options with slim designs and fantastic readability.

Our original UReady family of next generation TFT Displays for 1U and 2U racks, along with monitors in a range of sizes, all driven by our embedded boards, offer the very latest technology to meet the challenging demands of the broadcast sector.

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Cover Lens Customisation

We offer a variety of cover lens materials and finishes and our in-house customisation team will advise you on the best solution to suit your needs. Material options include soda lime, chemical and heat strengthened, tempered and toughened glass as well as PPMA, Polycarbonate and Optolite™ high scratch resistant plastics. Our bespoke cover lens service also includes enhancement such as Anti-Glare (AG), Anti-Reflection (AR) and Anti-Smudge (AS) optical treatments. Colour and graphic logo printing is also available as well as circular, rectangular and free-form cut-out solutions to fully customise your product.

Haptic/Force Touch option

For the ultimate sensory and intuitive user experience and to differentiate your products from the rest, we can integrate Haptic feedback technology to our touch sensors. This gives your users the added satisfaction of a tactile sensation of simulating clicks and vibrations when interacting with the touchscreen, giving the enhanced perception of using physical buttons and switches

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Optical Bonding

When clarity and functionality is essential to create the best end-user experience, Optical Bonding offers the perfect solution for increasing visibility and durability in light-challenging and harsh environments.

Our Solisbond® Optical Bonding service can dramatically enhance the performance and durability of your OLED displays. Laminating the touch screen or cover lens eliminates internal light reflection giving greater clarity, contrast and sunlight readability. It also adds strength and shock resistance and prevents damage from moisture or dust particle infiltration.

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Why Densitron?


We take a full-service consultative approach to all our customer needs giving you access to our highly skilled in-house team of design and development engineers to help you overcome any technical challenges that arise during product conceptualisation, design, manufacture or installation. We can supply and customise everything for you, from the embedded boards and associated software, to the displays, tooling and mounting kits and more, further reducing development time and accelerating time to market.anchor plugin

Embedded Board



We continually invest

in R&D and staff to

deliver unrivalled service




Our technical support

covers evaluation, 

prototyping and production



We have over 43 years

experience as a creator

of display technology

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Consultative Approach

We partner with customers in

a full-service approach from

concept to end product

Why Densitron?

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